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Europe - Powered By Nature
Energy is one of the most important themes for mankind.
Renewable and natural energies lead the way into the future.
We have to have a change in the way of using new energies and technologies.
We are willing to face this challenge by studying the possibilities of the participating countries:
wind energy, solar energy, water energy, geothermal energy and bio energy.

In order to get to know other forms of new energies in Europe we want to visit each other to get authentic
information by experts. Personal experiences are our way of transporting new ideas to our communities.
To be in touch we will use several forms of communication as for example a common Internet platform, regular
e-mail exchange and personal contact.
To cover all aspects of our topic we will involve all different kinds of subjects:
- science (physics, chemistry, biology, geography)
- English
- new media and arts
- technology
- economy

Production of short films, power point presentations and models will help to visualize new technologies.
A mutual logo and Internet platform will symbolize our common interests.
An art competition will encourage inner and emotional participation and involvement.

As these are forms of energies for the future we improve our English knowledge by using this global language.
We live in a united Europe and use this way to strengthen the European spirit.

Startdatum: 01.08.2010


Globale Entwicklung / Eine Welt


Durch den europäischen Austausch und die gegenseitigen Besuche in Gastfamilien zu einem selbst gewählten Thema werden der europäische Gedanke und das Verständnis für andere Kulturen in den Fokus der Schulgemeinschaft gerückt.


Unterstützung durch den PAD


Wir haben vielfältige Erfahrungen mit anderen europäischen Nationen gemacht. Das erste Projekt wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

Hindernisse, Risiken


Ideen zur Ausweitung


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